SharePoint Communities- Boosting Communication Within Organization

What is community? A community can be a small or large group of people sharing a common goal. People within a community provides inputs and takes others input and generates output and distribute the outcome of the output among them. Communities bring people altogether around common values and ideas. Community grow on the basis of the dedication and commitment of the people working in it. If we talk into organization context we are involved in communities. Whether structured or unstructured. Talking into the context of SharePoint, SharePoint communities are the concept within SharePoint that provides the SharePoint user to come together based on the experience, needs and general working relationships.

SharePoint communities lets people work together in the ways they want. SharePoint communities allows anyone to share ideas, find people and expertise and locate business information. SharePoint communities increases the efficiency and productivity of the in the organization. SharePoint communities offers powerful tool for fast and power corporate social network creation . It rapidly improves the business efficiency and result into faster and efficient achievement of business goals. Good communication between the employees enabled by such social networking tool is one of the most things that enable improvement of collaboration in the company.

Tools Of SharePoint Communities

  • My sites

    This tool of SharePoint communities allows you to share about you with others within the organization.

  • Tags

    Tags are the tool of SharePoint communities which allows to organize the information within the organization. User can access content and thus they can add tags to it in order to organize the the information,

  • Presence information

    presence information tool of SharePoint communities allows to view others profile. With the help of integration with Microsoft outlook it allows others to access the information stored within the organization provided that they have access to those information.

  • Organizational browser

    Organizational browser provides other members of the organization to view charts from the user profile. The browser is available in my site of the SharePoint communities.

Benefits Of SharePoint Communities

  • Allows the to work together the way they want

    SharePoint communities collaborate easily and thus increases the efficiency. It allows the to work by collaborating with each other and communicating with each other on the task assigned and can solve problems by cooperating with each other.

  • Secure Platform

    Like other SharePoint tools SharePoint communities only allows the authorized person to have access to the information within the organization. It does not allow the unauthorized person to have access to the information stored in the SharePoint server without a secures authorization.

  • Value addition

    SharePoint communities help to collaborate and bring together the to work together and to achieve the common goal of the organization. Such an activity allows the to resolve their queries and thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organization and adding value to the organization activities.

  • Enhances communication even if employees are geographically dispersed

    SharePoint communities allows the employees to stay in touch with each other even if they are located at distant places. Team members working on a same project can exchange their views, can share documents with each other through SharePoint communities.


SharePoint communities is one of the most powerful tool of Microsoft SharePoint because it allows to manage information flow among the employees within the organization which is of paramount importance in this information era.

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